At the Virtue Foundation, empowerment is a large part of all of our program areas, and an ultimate goal in every project we undertake. We especially like to focus on the empowerment of women, as women can often be agents of local change and help facilitate the development of communities at large.

Empowerment is enabled by knowledge and data. Therefore, another guiding principle of our work is the collection and sharing of interdisciplinary data to better inform our programming. To this end, we are currently developing the Data Mapping for Sustainable Development Initiative, a data-map that will lay out need and available resources. The Data Map can then be used to inform where assistance is needed, and help guide specifically what kind of intervention is needed as well.

Data Mapping for Sustainable Development

Access to information is critical to ensure that development investments yield desired results. Our vision is to provide open access to data for a more targeted, evidence-based approach to development. With our corporate and education partners, we are mapping complex data and developing tools for individually customizable and project specific analysis. Learn More

Advancing Women, Transforming Lives

Virtue Foundation places special emphasis on empowerment programs that focus on improving the lives and opportunities of women and children across cultures and geographies, including the elimination of all forms of violence against women.Learn More

Mukhtar Mai Women’s Rights Project

Honored as Glamour magazine’s "Woman of the Year,” Mukhtar Mai became a global women’s advocate after an act of unprecedented courage, when she took her rapists to court and won a tireless battle for her rights. We invited Mai to the U.N. to discuss her important work and partnered with her to develop schools, domestic violence shelters, and a hospital in her village in Pakistan.Learn More

Child Soldiers Project

Since 2005, we have collaborated in the rehabilitation, education, and medical treatment of former child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2006, the Foundation launched the “Child Soldiers Youth Initiative” to raise awareness of this problem among high school students.Learn More