Predictive Analytics and Data Mapping for Good

Since 2010, the Virtue Foundation has been working to develop a smart web-based technology that will map the world from a development perspective, laying out need and available resources. The goal is to provide pivotal information in an easily accessible, visually friendly format that allows for data driven decisions to yield the highest impact interventions and thus accelerate sustainable development.

Dr. Ebby Elahi developed this idea after years of experience in global health demonstrating that while there are incredible resources committed to development, the investment of such assets and goodwill may not always be accomplished in the most efficient and transparent manner and often may not yield the desired results due to the lack of easily accessible information. Virtue Foundation’s vision is to build upon the latest technological developments by creating a user-friendly map of need and resources so that everyone can have access to such critical data, be it an individual, a non-profit, a corporation, or a government.

Until recently the technology was not readily available to generate several map layers and related data in an accessible format. However, in collaboration with Harvard University, Virtue Foundation is not only mapping complex data, but also developing statistical regression tools that will query the data in a manner that can be individually customizable and project specific. The goal is to provide tools for data-driven decision making that will harness technology, resources, know-how and goodwill to drive collaboration and accelerate development.

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