Ethics in Corporate America: The Role of the Media in Regaining Public Trust

As scandal after scandal continues to rock the foundations of the business community, many theories have surfaced seeking to explain why such an ethical void exists in today’s corporate culture. When did corporate America lose sight of the fundamental values that helped it to become the strongest and wealthiest economy in the world? To what extent has this moral degradation pervaded our corporate world? Are only a few individuals to blame, or does the system inherently breed a loss of ethical values and priorities? What can be done to reinstall core values in America’s corporate communities? Is it possible to distinguish between personal ethics and business ethics, or does one necessarily impact the other?

A distinguished panel of media and business experts gather to discuss what role the media can play given its unique ability to influence and shape public opinion to help restore confidence in our business leaders and financial institutions. Rather than simply reacting to and presenting news of corporate scandals and corruption, should the media adopt a more active posture by seeking to provide commentary, insight, and solutions to some of the root causes of this devastating problem? Should the media focus more on substantive ethical issues and programs that raise public awareness and better inform viewers? Is the media itself immune from the corruption that has gripped the corporate world?

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