Research & Analytics

At the Virtue Foundation, research and analytics is a large part of all of our program areas, and an ultimate goal in every project we undertake. Analytics is enabled by knowledge and data. Therefore, another guiding principle of our work is the collection and sharing of interdisciplinary data to better inform our programming. To this end, we are currently developing several interactive map projects that will lay out need and available resources to inform where assistance is needed, and help guide specifically what kind of intervention is needed as well.

Below are examples of such relational maps that Virtue Foundation has developed and made available publicly:


map-icon-hospitalsHealthcare Facility Search Tool with COVID-19 Statistics
A searchable directory and map of hospitals and clinics in 24 low-income countries, helping determine where resources and aid should be targeted by NGOs and governments.


map-icon-hospitalsGhana Global Health Map
This multilayered Global Health Map of Ghana displays a large amount of previously unavailable granular data compiled from sources such as the Ghana Health Ministry.


map-icon-hospitalsGhana Hospital & NGO Map
A heat map of Ghana showing distance to hospitals, nonprofit organizations and many other user-selectable healthcare layers, including doctors, nurses and child mortality.


map-icon-hospitalsHIV Prevention in South Africa
This online tool maps national, regional, local and institutional data on HIV/AIDS and showcases South African HIV/AIDS-related organizations and projects.


map-icon-hospitalsWorldwide Projects that Support Women and Girls
An interactive online mapping tool that showcases projects and NGOs that support women and girls around the world.


map-icon-hospitalsProjects in Brazil that Support Women and Girls
By widening access to information about the work of organizations, this map aims to drive collaboration between groups with similar goals in Brazil, Latin America, and around the world.


Predictive Analytics and Data Mapping for Good

Born from years of on the ground medical missions, the project seeks to use predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to analyze geospatial data, infrastructure, risk factors, and other environmental conditions to better predict need and match available resources.Learn More

Healthcare Facility Search Tool with COVID-19 Statistics

Virtue Foundation develops a usable map of confirmed healthcare facilities in low-income countries. This data is important to map in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, which is predicted to disproportionately affect these poorer countries already suffering from fragile healthcare systems.Learn More

Get on the Map! for Women and Girls

This interactive map showcases projects that support women and girls, allowing organizations to share information, videos and photos about their work. The aim of the map is to provide a single portal where one can go to find out about organizations and projects empowering women and girls around the world.Learn More