November 19, 2004

Virtue Foundation Deploys Medical Expedition to Cambodia

Following its highly successful humanitarian mission in Tonga, Virtue Foundation is proud to once again announce the deployment of a medical expedition to Phnom Penh, Cambodia from November 19th until December 4th, 2004. Led by Dr. Ebby Elahi, a team of specially trained physicians will provide much-needed oculoplastic, orbital, and reconstructive surgical care to a population that has long been impacted by political turmoil and isolation from the global community. The medical team will also be accompanied by a professional film crew that will closely document the team’s daily activities in the region and produce a unique documentary for Western audiences featuring the history of the land and its people through a series of in-depth interviews with locals, merchants, and government officials. In organizing and sponsoring humanitarian missions to such underprivileged regions of the world, Virtue Foundation strives not only to remedy the serious medical ailments at hand, but also to work with local and national governments toward establishing a sustainable infrastructure that would enable communities to become more self-sufficient.

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