Hello Tomorrow Fund

Empower Women Change our World

The Virtue Foundation is proud to have both its founding members, Dr. Joseph Salim and Dr. Joan LaRovere, serve on Avon’s Hello Tomorrow Fund panel of prestigious judges, who will award individuals with the most Innovative and compelling Ideas for empowering women and their respective societies with a $5,000 cash award every week. Beginning in April of 2007 and continuing for an entire year, these weekly awards will help thousands of women realize their lifelong dreams and goals.

The Hello Tomorrow Fund is designed to help advance the Interests of women and society at large. These projects focus on three areas:

Business Development
A for-profit business that directly empowers women through its mission, product or service, or through the means of doing business.

Community Service
A non-profit project or program that helps women of any age or background realize their full potential and overcome obstacles.

Awareness & Outreach
Educate others about an issue that affects women, aiming to inspire and empower other women and to have a positive impact on that issue.

Applications in the categories noted above will be accepted on an ongoing basis and award winners’ stories will be shared with the world through avon.com and other promotions related to the Hello Tomorrow Fund.

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