“Global Center 2010 Women and Justice Conference” brought together over 175 participants from more than a dozen countries

Participants included 30 jurists (including 5 supreme court justices), prominent scholars and distinguished advocates and practitioners.

I found the conference to be one of the most stimulating that I have ever attended. It was enlightening to hear from so many practitioners (judges, lawyers, doctors, etc.) and I was especially inspired by a number of those practitioners. I enjoyed your conference so much that I have begun my last two Public International Law classes with verbal summaries of what certain speakers said.
Professor Valerie Oosterveld  (University of Western Ontario)

An extraordinary Inaugural Conference!  It was the content of the speeches that impressed me most. Indeed a most enlightening and inspirational Conference on a difficult and pertinent topic. One of the best Conferences I have attended.
Hon. Louise Mailhot (Canada)

The conference was exceptionally inspirational.
President of an international war crime tribunal

It was an exciting experience and we all had something to learn from one another. It was a gathering of such high caliber of Judges, Professors and many other dignitaries from different backgrounds. I certainly enjoyed it and was happy to make a contribution. .. Over and above all this, was your wonderful hospitality for which we all remained so grateful! Once again thank you very much and look forward to seeing you in future.
H.E. Judge Joyce Aluoch (International Criminal Court)

I met very important wonderful people in the crusade against gender-based violence, I am grateful for the opportunity.
Justice Florence Mumba (Supreme Court, Zambia)

The substance of the conference was superb.
Hon. Virginia Kendall (U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois)

I thought the conference was amazing.
Professor, Brooklyn Law

I learned much and I am so impressed by the Center’s work. You are certainly filling an important niche.
Professor, Penn State

It was the best conference I’ve ever been to where I left wanting to do much more than I ever thought we, as individuals, could do!  What I liked most about it was that it was very local and yet international at the same time.  There were voices from all over the world, from the most local initiatives to the most international–but all of them effecting change within the judicial system, in one way or another.  Amazing!!  (In fact, in large part because of the conference, a group of lawyer friends and I are in the initial stages of creating a network/NGO of Latin American lawyers who are currently working, or may want to work, on bringing justice to victims of gender-based violence! Thanks to the conference, I was put in contact with a Colombian lawyer who will probably be part of this initiative.)
Montse Ferre, (JD ’09), law clerk to the Honorable Vanessa Ruiz at the D.C. Court of Appeals.

I feel really privileged to have been able to attend this conference…I had the opportunity to listen and talk to people I have been hearing about throughout my legal career – the people who write the articles, laws and judgments that I have been studying on a regular basis.
Angelique Sarr (LL.M. ’10)

I was not only impressed by the amazing selection of speakers who came from all over the globe,  but more importantly, the substantive discussions truly inspired me and re-affirmed my passion to pursue a career in the field of human rights.
Christina Kaspar (JD ’11)

I am a Columbia Law student who was lucky enough to attend your conference this past weekend.  I just wanted to write to say thank you for putting on such an amazing conference. I have attended many conferences and this was truly the most educational and fun conference I have ever been to.
(Columbia Law student)

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