December 22, 2011

Virtue Foundation partners with the El Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development (FUSADES) to launch the Caluco Mobile Health Clinic and collaborates with 911 Fund and Jezreel International to deliver over $55,000.00 USD worth of medical equipment and supplies to 6 Salvadoran communities in need.

December 22, 2011–San Salvador, El Salvador–The Virtue Foundation, an international NGO with special consultative status to the United Nations and charitable status in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ghana, partnered with respected local development organization FUSADES to design and deliver a mobile health clinic to the local health center in Caluco. This innovative, effective way to deliver primary care to rural villagers was launched today in Caluco, El Salvador. Virtue Foundation, FUSADES and local partners specially designed the Caluco Mobile Health Clinic, a vehicle equipped with best-in-class technology, medical equipment, and supplies, to better reach and serve Caluco’s rural population. The Mobile Health Clinic will provide routine medical visits, specialized medical services, and periodic health campaigns to the individuals in the community’s most remote villages.

“Evidence from our initial needs assessment showed that one of the biggest barriers to accessing and receiving healthcare in rural Caluco is the distance between rural households and healthcare service providers,” said Dr. Ebby Elahi, Director of International Programming and Global Health at Virtue Foundation. “Through establishing a mobile clinic in Caluco, Virtue Foundation has been able to assist local health care service providers to break down some of these barriers and find innovative solutions to their particular healthcare challenges.”

“FUSADES is pleased to partner with the Virtue Foundation toward a comprehensive model development approach in Caluco,” remarked Cesar Max Mendez, Director of the Strengthening and Social Action Program (FORTAS – FUSADES). “With Virtue’s health expertise and our experience working in the local context, we are able to better serve the population’s development needs in a more holistic way, addressing complex problems with multi-faceted solutions.”

“We are extremely grateful for Virtue Foundation’s and FUSADES’ assistance to the people of Caluco,” said Mayor Blanca Lidia Orellana de Vasquez. “Their long-term commitment, passion and leadership toward improving healthcare service delivery is essential to move Caluco on the path toward sustainable development and community advancement.”

“I welcome Virtue Foundation’s and FUSADES’ efforts to invest in innovative solutions to overcome some of our greatest healthcare delivery challenges,” added Dr. Hernán Arsenio Garcia Avila, Director of the Caluco Health Clinic. “Their comprehensive and collaborative approach equips and empowers local leadership professionals to tackle the seemingly insurmountable obstacles to improving the health and lives of the population.”

In addition, Virtue Foundation sponsored the shipment of a 40′ container loaded with over $55,000.00 USD of donated medical equipment and supplies for use in Salvadoran hospitals and clinics of communities in need. Today, representatives of the Ministry of Health, including Regional Director for Primary Level Healthcare Dr. Argelia Dubón, and representatives from Caluco, Cuisnahuat, Hishuatan, Santo Domingo, Santa Catarina, and Sonsonate received a portion of the much-needed equipment and supplies for the benefit of their constituent communities.

The Virtue Foundation worked with non-profit organizations 911 Fund and Jezreel International to specifically tailor the container of equipment and supplies to the needs of local medical professionals on the ground in El Salvador. Virtue Foundation volunteer physicians, Dr. Nonkulie Dladla and Dr. Karyn Singer, visited participating clinics to assess the equipment, supply needs and capabilities first-hand with local clinic directors. The organizations plan to continue to assemble future containers with additional needed equipment and supplies.

The Virtue Foundation Institute for Innovation and Philanthropy facilitates development solutions for community advancement. The Foundation supports initiatives in the four key focus areas—health, education, empowerment, and justice—as critical leverage points for successful development. Virtue seeks to maximize efficiency and accountability to donors and communities in the replication and scaling of short-term high-impact and long-term sustainable development solutions nationally, regionally and globally. Central to its mission and goals, the Foundation partners with local women leaders as agents of change to sponsor projects in their communities.

“At Virtue Foundation, we strive to provide evidence-based assistance, ensuring that our collective efforts are spent toward maximizing impact and improving people’s lives,” said Dr. Joan LaRovere, Co-Founder and Vice President of Virtue Foundation. “As medical professionals, we can work together with our Salvadoran colleagues to create and improve health infrastructure in a meaningful way.”

“As a first step toward building lasting partnerships and achieving long-term, sustainable development in El Salvador, we are delivering essential medical equipment and supplies, tailored to meet local needs,” added Dr. Joseph Salim, Co-Founder and President of Virtue Foundation. “With the right tools in hand, our Salvadoran colleagues will make lasting impact and will save countless more lives in their communities. We are humbled and privileged to be able to do our part to assist in that transformative effort.”

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