Presentation of Virtue Foundation Mission Work at Medical University of Vienna

On February 14th, 2014, the Austrian members of the Virtue Foundation’s Medical Team convened at the Medical University of Vienna Clinic to present the work they carried out during the 2013 Virtue Foundation Medical Mission to Ghana.

Colleagues, sponsors, and administrators from the obstetrics and gynecology department came together to listen while Dr. Kazem Nouri, Dr. Martin Langer, and Dr. Maria Stammler lectured on a series of topics. The presentations included an overview of Virtue Foundation work, a history of Foundation work in Ghana, impressions from this year’s mission, and personal reflections and motivations for joining the Virtue Foundation team. In addition, time was taken during the presentation to thank and recognize sponsors for their contributions to the mission, such as Professor Husslein, Professor Egarter and Nurse Conni.

This presentation has garnered even more support for the Virtue Foundation among medical professionals in Vienna, and increased interest for future missions to Ghana.

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