Virtue Foundation partners with Wolfram Alpha to unveil new data map

Together with Wolfram Alpha, Virtue Foundation has taken the next steps in bringing the Data Mapping for Sustainable Development Initiative to fruition. As part of this Initiative, Virtue Foundation and Wolfram Alpha have developed a multi-layered, relational map of Ghana. The Foundation spent several years on the ground collecting data on indicators in areas of health, population, geography, infrastructure, education, and many more for the entire country; the result is the Virtue Foundation Ghana Explorer. The Ghana Explorer is the latest outcome of the Virtue Foundation vision and will be used to guide health, justice, and education programming in Ghana.

Partnering with Wolfram Alpha, an internationally renowned computational knowledge engine, allowed for the development of a very smart and technologically advanced tool. The maps featured in the Ghana Explorer are fully laden with countless indicators in various interest areas, which can be queried based on what users are looking to research. Most impressively, the Ghana Explorer can overlay two variables at once, providing advanced statistical analysis of the data presented.

As the Virtue Foundation Data Mapping Initiative grows, the Foundation hopes to scale these kinds of ‘smart-maps’ to encompass the entire world. This would allow data to be easily accessible to any kind of user looking to promote development- whether it is a government, an individual, a member of civil society, or members of the private and public sector.