September 25, 2018

Virtue Foundation Celebrates Tenth Anniversary and Completes Tenth Annual Surgical and Teaching Mission to Mongolia

Virtue Foundation returned to Mongolia for its 10th Annual Surgical and Teaching Mission to Mongolia, serving more than 10,0000 patients over the past 10 years. This year, fourteen teams operated and taught in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar as well as in rural, clinical sites in the Western province of Khovd. With the generous support of our partners and volunteers, Virtue also provided hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of supplies and equipment to partnering Mongolian hospitals to further improve surgical efficiency to underserved communities.

This year, a team of 38 physicians, nurses, residents, and students provided surgical and patient care in specialties including ophthalmology, ENT, neurosurgery, oral-maxillofacial surgery, anesthesiology, hepatobiliary surgery, microvascular surgery, and breast cancer surgery. The Mission took place over the course of 15 clinical days, across 5 different hospital sites in Ulaanbaatar and Khovd Provinces. In total, the Virtue Foundation team in partnership with local staff was able to serve approximately 900 patients, of which almost 300 received advanced surgical procedures. The foundation also met with Mongolian data agencies to expand impact and further advance its Data Mapping Initiative within Mongolia.

In addition to the surgical and teaching interventions that took place, Virtue Foundation hosted a thought leadership event on May 25, 2018 to commemorate 10 years of partnership with Mongolian hospitals and staff. The event brought 150 Mongolian medical professionals and international volunteers together, and featured a keynote speech by Enkh-Amgalan Luvsantseren, the Deputy Speaker of the Mongolian Parliament and panel discussions among other esteemed speakers from the World Bank, the U.S. Embassy, Bloomberg Media, among others. A panel entitled Partnerships and the Future of Healthcare in Mongolia, highlighted progress made in the last ten years and the path forward. The Foundation also presented the Virtue Foundation Data Mapping Initiative and how, working with local data partners, the initiative will help accelerate healthcare in Mongolia.

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