November 20, 2018

Virtue Foundation Supports Upper West Region, Ghana with Donation of Medical Supplies and Equipment

Since 2012, Virtue Foundation has been working in Ghana as part of the Institute for Innovation and Philanthropy to make advances in the Foundation’s areas of focus: health, education, justice, and empowerment. To support the healthcare programming arm of the Foundation, volunteer medical missions are organized and carried out in Ghana annually, partnering with local hospitals and communities to provide medical and surgical services to underserved populations, and also provide training to local staff.

However, even when Virtue Foundation teams are not actively in the country, the Foundation works tirelessly to support the communities it works with to ensure that there is a continuity of care throughout the year. As such, in late 2018, Virtue Foundation was able to organize a large donation of medical equipment, valued at several hundred thousand Euros to help support and build capacity in several community health centers and hospitals throughout the Upper West Region of Ghana. Included in this donation were 30,000 pairs of scrubs, operating tables, operating room lights, ultrasound machines, patient beds and more facilitated by generous sponsors and donors in Austria including: Wozabel Miettex, Hospital of Wolfsberg, KABEG, Medical University Hospital of Vienna, Trailfracht, Gedeon Richter Austria, DEMAX GROUP, and Stardriver.

These items were distributed among several villages in the Upper West Region to help local healthcare practitioners serve their communities at large!

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