December 15, 2020

Insights in Global Health: A Compendium of Healthcare Facilities and Nonprofits

Since 2001, Virtue Foundation has worked in the field of international development and global health carrying out research, development initiatives, and medical missions to improve healthcare and quality of life in underserved areas around the world. Along the way, the desire to do good was oftentimes stymied by a number of logistical roadblocks and inefficiencies, which prevented the Foundation’s ability to make its desired impact.

To address this, Virtue Foundation undertook a critical examination of the development arena, aiming to map various development and health indicators to better identify where problems exist and go unaddressed. What followed was a decade of research, development and collaboration collectively known as the Virtue Foundation Actionable Data Initiative. This effort yielded several iterations of interactive data maps, institutional collaborations, and research, with the overall aim being to make global health interventions and international development initiatives more targeted, efficient, and most of all, impactful.

A decade since the Actionable Data Initiative first came into fruition, Virtue Foundation is proud to announce that the latest milestone of the Initiative is officially here: Insights in Global Health: A Compendium of Healthcare Facilities and Nonprofits. Over the last several months, teams of data scientists, economists, medical experts, and volunteers came together to curate and publish this compendium, a reference that includes detailed nonprofit and healthcare facility information for 24 low-income countries. Insights in Global Health is a key reference for those involved in improving the delivery of healthcare services in resource poor countries, and can be utilized by a variety of stakeholders, such as healthcare professionals, governments, the private sector, and philanthropic organizations aiming to do good.

Insights in Global Health is being released alongside a series of online platforms and tools that allows users to explore the healthcare facilities on up-to-date maps, while also providing additional details and information about the published nonprofits. Combined, the compendium and platform are the first-of-their-kind and most comprehensive collection of the major organizations, health facilities, and institutions currently functioning in the global health arena.

These resources come at a time when global health is more pressing than ever before. Virtue Foundation hopes that Insights in Global Health will provide critical data to inform and encourage impactful interventions and healthcare delivery to take place around the world.

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