Solving a maternal health transportation crisis: motorcycle ambulances

In rural Ghana, expectant mothers have had a big obstacle to a safe delivery: Lack of transportation to a healthcare facility. But Virtue Foundation has partnered with Moving Health, a nonprofit launched by MIT students, to solve that problem. Together they are producing inexpensive, sustainable transportation in the form of a trailer that can be attached to the back of any motorcycle. 

So far Virtue Foundation has built seven motorcycle ambulances; all were designed with input from residents of the Sissala District of Ghana and are manufactured by workers in local communities. Plans call for production to be scaled up to produce many more of these innovative ambulances. The latest versions come with custom telemetry sensors that track the ambulances in real time, so trips and patient occupancy can be tallied. The sensors permit not only tracking of impact, but they also collect valuable data that can be used by regional and national health services to allocate resources and understand health outcomes.