Virtue Foundation at the DataRobot AI Conference

Virtue Foundation’s groundbreaking Data Mapping Initiative is a first-of-its-kind mapping-and-matching global health platform—and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of AI tech company DataRobot. VF co-founder Dr. Joan LaRovere spoke at DataRobot’s AI Experience World virtual Conference in May 2021.

DataRobot’s AI for Good program works with nonprofit organizations to leverage the transformational power of AI to create positive change in the world. At the company’s 2021 conference, Dr. LaRovere joined experts from institutions like UCSF, Carnegie Mellon and USAID to tell how the VF Data Mapping Initiative uses data to enable healthcare organizations to efficiently allocate finite resources to communities in need.

Learn more about DataRobot’s AI for Good program in this video, which features both Dr. LaRovere and Virtue Foundation data scientist Nicolas Douard. 


Watch the complete panel discussion: