February 1, 2022

Virtue Foundation Austria Donates Medical Equipment to Bulgaria

Earlier this year, the Virtue Foundation Austria team made a donation of medical equipment valued at $600,000 to Sofia’s Second City Hospital in Bulgaria. The donation included intensive care unit beds, patient beds, an anesthesiology machine, an infant reanimation machine, surgical tables, ultrasound machines, and medical monitor units.

This donation would not have been possible without the support of the Red Cross chapter in Bulgaria, which helped coordinate the logistics and transportation of the equipment as well as the support of our Austrian volunteer doctors and their respective hospitals, volunteers from the Raiffeisen International bank in Vienna and Demax Group for making this initiative possible.

In 2023, the Virtue Foundation Austria team will continue its collaboration with Sofia´s Second City Hospital, to organize teaching workshops for the staff to ensure that the needs of patients are best covered with this equipment.

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