Virtue Foundation Completes its 2022 Healthcare Initiatives with a Return to Ghana

The Virtue Foundation concluded its 2022 healthcare initiatives with a mission to Ghana. In November, with the largest team to date – 15 doctors, surgeons, nurses, and volunteers – from the United States and Austria began the holiday season to serve communities in the underserved northwest region, including Tumu and Wa, with healthcare and educational initiatives.

 Driven to have the most impactful mission yet, the team served nearly 400 patients and performed over 40 surgeries, including some life-saving procedures under very difficult circumstances and conditions. The team was comprised of a diverse set of specialties including pediatric surgery, anesthesia, plastic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric cardiology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, and critical care. For many of these doctors, it was the first time visiting Ghana, laying the groundwork for future trips and initiatives. Donations of medical supplies and equipment were spread across many of the healthcare facilities in Northern Ghana including Tumu Municipal Hospital, Wa Regional Hospital, the CHPS Compounds, Health Centers, and Wallembelle Polyclinic.

And more so than ever in addition to the clinical work, this trip focused on teaching and training local doctors and nurses to transfer knowledge and sustainable skills so that local doctors and nurses can learn to better monitor and manage their patients. As in past years, many of the patients the team served were children who suffered severe burns from local fire pits, so a major focus was on teaching proper techniques for wound care and management, as well as community outreach.

With over a decade of trips to Ghana, this year’s mission was in many respects one of the most successful as it laid the groundwork for future work. New doctors visited these facilities fostering new relationships and exploring ways to provide access to much-needed sub-specialty care. Moreover, members of the team met with governmental officials and data scientists to share the most recent results of the Actionable Data Initiative, taking key steps towards integrating these key insights to further support the healthcare system in Ghana.

 The Virtue Foundation would like to thank all the companies and individuals who helped make this mission possible- including the Hospital Spital an der Drau, Klagenfurt Hospital Anesthesia Department, and the Medical Impulse Society. Moreover, the Virtue Foundation is excited and hopeful at the prospects of future initiatives and work in Ghana in 2023 and beyond.

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