Virtue Foundation Austria Hosts Endometriosis Event

In March, Virtue Foundation Austria organized an annual event in partnership with the Austrian Society of Sterility, Fertility, and Endocrinology and the Medical University of Vienna to raise more awareness for women suffering from endometriosis. The event consisted of scientific presentations highlighting some of the latest research surrounding endometriosis as well as providing a platform for physicians and patients to share their experiences. During the event, Dr. Kazem Nouri, a gynecologist and infertility expert and a longstanding volunteer of the Virtue Foundation Austria, presented cases and findings from recent missions to Ghana.

One highlight of the event was the sale of surgical caps made by nursing students in Ghana. During the last trip to Ghana, volunteers bought authentic Ghanaian fabric in Tumu and provided local students with the fabric to local nursing students, who then designed and madesurgical caps. These caps were sold at this event and all the proceeds went to the girls to support their education. Virtue Foundation Austria hopes to expand this project further to help support the young girls and women in Tumu interested in pursuing further education.

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