Advancing Women, Transforming Lives

Learn How the Empowerment of Women and Girls can Transform Lives Across the World

Virtue Foundation places special emphasis on empowerment programs that focus on improving the lives and opportunities of women and children across cultures and geographies, including the elimination of all forms of violence against women. Economic empowerment provides women and girls with the tools necessary to make viable choices in their lives and to shape their futures in a dignified and meaningful way.

Studies have consistently shown that the empowerment of women and girls not only leads to an improvement in their own lives, but also their respective communities and ultimately contributes to alleviating many of the world’s social ills. For example, did you know that empowering young girls and women leads to:

  • A reduction in poverty
  • Fewer pregnancies
  • Lower infant mortality rate
  • Fewer fatal diseases
  • A reduction in the number of HIV AIDS cases
  • Less violence against women
  • Lower educational dropout rates
  • Higher rates of employment
  • More productive and self-sufficient communities
  • Global peace
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