Women & Justice

The Virtue Foundation works extensively in areas of justice, particularly in developing countries. We believe that a focus on justice can yield positive change in communities, as rule of law plays a large part in peace, development, and poverty reduction. We especially encourage the participation of women in our justice work.

As part of this focus, the Virtue Foundation has carried out a number of justice projects, such as The Women Judges in the Pipeline Initiative. This project seeks to increase opportunities for women in developing countries to become judges, thereby giving them the opportunity to lead positive change in their countries.

Advancing Women, Transforming Lives

Virtue Foundation places special emphasis on empowerment programs that focus on improving the lives and opportunities of women and children across cultures and geographies, including the elimination of all forms of violence against women.Learn More

Women Judges in the Pipeline

Providing opportunities for women in the developing world to become judges, thereby increasing women's participation in the judiciary. Virtue Foundation is working with senior Women Justices representing three continents to facilitate high-level meetings and to launch pilot projects that can be replicated and scaled across geographies.Learn More

Mukhtar Mai Women’s Rights Project

Honored as Glamour magazine’s "Woman of the Year,” Mukhtar Mai became a global women’s advocate after an act of unprecedented courage, when she took her rapists to court and won a tireless battle for her rights. We invited Mai to the U.N. to discuss her important work and partnered with her to develop schools, domestic violence shelters, and a hospital in her village in Pakistan.Learn More