Institute for Innovation and Philanthropy in Ghana

The Institute serves as a model institution to facilitate development solutions for women and children’s advancement in Ghana. It supports projects in Virtue’s key focus areas—health, education, justice, and empowerment—as critical leverage points for successful development. Furthermore, the Institute creates collaborations among local and international organizations and across public and private sectors to replicate and scale development solutions regionally and globally.

In an effort to design a new approach to address existing and emerging global challenges of the 21st Century, the Institute builds upon proven strategies while incorporating innovative ideas for success, recognizing that:

  • Investing in local women leaders as change agents is critical to accelerate improvements in health and development and can also help safeguard against corruption.
  • Realizing common visions among businesses, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations can assist communities in “leapfrogging” toward increased opportunities for social and economic advancement.
  • Collaborative partnerships among local and international organizations, public and private sectors, and across disciplines are essential to overcome development challenges in Africa and globally.
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